Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

Today we know more than ever about how we impact the environment and that knowledge gives us a responsibility to do whatever is necessary to minimise the impact we have on our planet. That’s why we have developed cleaning products and solutions that are not only incredibly effective and economical but are also eco-friendly.

Eco-friendly cleaning products contribute to a healthier lifestyle: one of the main areas that we can still improve at work and at home when trying to go green is to eliminate products containing harmful and toxic chemicals. Products such as cleaning solutions, soaps or anything containing bleach can be be harmful to the environment and over time to the user when used indoors and even outdoors.

Our dedicated brand, Xtra has advanced formulations that provide Xtra effectiveness, Xtra economy and Xtra protection for the environment, your surfaces and cleaning operatives/users. They are therefore the perfect cleaning solutions to use in hospitality, medical, educational and catering environments.

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