Multi-Purpose Cleaner

XtraClean Concentrate Multi-Purpose Cleaner

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XtraClean is a biodegradable low foaming pH neutral, VOC free, probiotic cleaner and deodoriser for all general-purpose cleaning. Uniquely formulated using safe bacterial cultures, XtraClean digests and eliminates organic and greasy soils and stubborn stains from hard surfaces, soft furnishings and carpets.









smear free

smear free

Dilution Control: Trigger Spray - 10ml / 5Litre Bucket - 65ml

750ml Trigger Spray - 10ml
A 5Litre Concentrate makes 500 Triggers

Brand: XtraClean

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From £14.04

XtraClean is a probiotic cleaner and deodoriser for all general purpose cleaning. Uniquely formulated using specific, safe bacterial cultures and a blend of bio-friendly surfactants. Nature’s best cleaners offer exceptional ability and power with the ability to break down and digest organic soils, oily and greasy soils, and stubborn stains from hard surfaces, soft furnishings and carpets.

XtraClean uses multiple strains of bacteria and has been designed to solve specific problems, many of which cannot be addressed using conventional chemicals.
It offers a cost effective alternative to harsh cleaning chemicals and helps to maintain septic tanks and drains, glass only needs a fine mist, and it leaves a streak-free finish.

Fully compatible with the Xtra Range. Not for use in food preparation areas.

  • Digests grease, oils, fat and other organic waste materials

  • Use as spot cleaner on carpets and fabrics

  • Cleans drains, showers and tiled walls

  • Excellent cleaning ability

  • Cost-effective alternative to harsh chemicals

  • Biodegradable

  • All hard surfaces

  • Glazed ceramics

  • Porcelain

  • Chrome

  • Plastic surfaces

  • Walls

  • Tiles

  • Fixtures

  • Sinks

  • Urinals

  • Carpets

  • Upholstery

Where can this product be predominantly used?

Anywhere that does not need to be sanitised to BS EN: 1276. Always test product on a small discreet area first.

Where should you not use this product?

We like to use XtraClean for a variety of cleaning duties, but we always advise testing a surface/material first.

Why is this product different from others on the market?

XtraClean has a broader spectrum of friendly bacteria that will eat organic materials, which are the food source for harmful bacteria, until there is nothing left.

Why is this product eco-friendly?

Once the job is complete and there is no food source left for any bacteria, the remaining residue dies and turns into carbon dioxide and water.

What is the packaging made from?

30% Post-Consumer Plastics.

What harmful ingredients are used in this product?

As with all liquids, prolonged contact with the skin can cause dry/irritated skin.

What size containers can this product be purchased in?

100ml, 1L & 5L.