Appliance Descaler

XtraDscale Appliance Descaler


A powerful descaling solution, XtraDscale Appliance Descaler is expertly formulated for the heavy-duty removal of stubborn limescale from kettles, coffee machines, irons and more.

Perfect for both stainless steel and chrome appliances.



Dilution Control: 1 part solution with 20 parts water

Size: 1litre

Brand: XtraDscale

SKU: X20408

A powerful acidic cleaning agent for the heavy duty removal of hard water limescale from kettles, irons, coffee machines and other appliances.

Perfect for both stainless steel and chrome appliances, this product ensures your devices remain in peak condition.

  • Powerful appliance descaler

  • Suitable on stainless steel and chrome appliances

  • Keeps devices in peak condition

  • Biodegradable with minimum environmental impact

  • Use on appliances for removing the build-up of limescale

Dilution: Mix 1 part descaling solution with 20 parts water.

Application: Pour the solution into the appliance. For optimal results, heat to 50°C.

Soak: Allow the solution to work until all limescale is dissolved.

Rinse: Thoroughly rinse the appliance with clean water to ensure no residue remains.

Repeat if Necessary: For tough buildup, repeat the process and rinse again.

Where can this product be predominantly used?

Kettles, coffee machines, irons including stainless steel and chrome appliances.

Where should you not use this product?

Do not use for any other purpose than that described.

Why is this product eco-friendly?

This product is biodegradable.

What is the packaging made from?


What harmful ingredients are used in this product?

As with most limescale removers, care needs to be taken. Contact with the skin can cause severe skin burns and eye damage. Wear protective gloves and eye protection is recommended. Follow the directions on the bottle.

What size containers can this product be purchased in?


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