Multi-Surface Polish

XtraGlide Multi Surface Polish

From £9.54

Streak-free glass and furniture polish which repels dust and resists fingerprints for a long-lasting finish.

XtraGlide is an easy to apply, easy to maintain, luxury-feel water-based multi-use surface treatment that cleans and smooths surfaces leaving a pleasant perfume.



smear free

smear free

dust repellent

dust repellent



Dilution Control: Ready to Use

Brand: XtraGlide

SKUs: X20253, X20251

From £9.54

XtraGlide is excellent on glass, furniture, marble, chrome, plastics, and vinyl surfaces.

Removes dust, finger marks, surface dirt and greasy smudges. Eliminates the need for polishing and brings out the natural look of the surface being treated. Long-lasting protection, use on glass, mirrors, and windows for a streak-free finish.

Fully compatible with the Xtra Range. Not for use in food preparation areas.

  • Excellent results on all wood and laminate finishes

  • Use on glass, mirrors or windows for a streak-free finish

  • Repels dust and leaves surfaces smooth and friction-free

  • Safe and non-toxic

  • Excellent environmental profile

  • Lasting protection from fine scratches

  • Water based for safe use on almost any finish

  • No solvents or abrasives

  • Quickly and easily cleans dirt and grime

  • All Wood Types

  • Laminate

  • Tiles

  • Marble

  • Chrome

  • Plastic

  • Vinyl

  • Furniture

  • Car interiors

Use with a trigger spray bottle, spray sparingly onto furniture or duster and remove with a dry XtraFibre cloth.

XtraGlide is easy to apply, easy to maintain and produces a real wow-factor effect.


Where can this product be predominantly used?

Furniture, glass, chrome, and mirrors.

Where should you not use this product?

Floors or handrails

Why is this product different from others on the market?

XtraGlide leaves no residue. It is a polymer-based product that acts as a surface filler that can repel dust for up to 4 days.

Why is this product eco-friendly?

This product is biodegradable and water soluble.

What is the packaging made from?

30% Post-Consumer Plastics.

What harmful ingredients are used in this product?

As with all liquids, prolonged contact with the skin can cause dry/irritated skin.

What size containers can this product be purchased in?

750ml & 5L.

Aqua Air Ltd

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