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XtraProtect RTU Hand & Touch Point Sanitiser

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XtraProtect Hand & Touchpoint Sanitiser is a unique non-alcohol formula 2-in-1 sanitiser for your hands and touch points at home, at work and on all surfaces you touch.

It has been lab tested and certified to BS EN: 1276 and BS EN:14476 and proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.











alcohol free

alcohol free

Dilution Control: Ready to Use

Brand: XtraProtect

SKUs: X20370, X20364, X20350

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From £3.53

XtraProtect Hand & Touch Point Sanitiser is a ready to use product which can be used on any hard surface to actively kill 99.99% of bacteria in 30 seconds, and viruses in 5 minutes.

It leaves no residue behind and has a non-alcohol formula containing no harmful chemicals. Gentle on hands and surfaces leaving a non-streaky finish.

Fully compatible with the Xtra Range.

  • Certified to BS EN: 1276, BS EN:14476, EN:1500 and ISO 21702

  • Biodegradable with excellent environmental footprint

  • Safe on skin

  • Non–alcohol Formula

  • Non-flammable

  • Hands

  • Door handles,

  • Light switches

  • Any area which is touched

For Use On Hands
Spray 1 or 2 times onto dry hands. Rub hands together, especially between fingers and around nails, until hands are completely covered up to the wrists. Do not rinse off. Repeat as necessary.

For Surface Use
Spray directly on to the surface to be sanitised, leave for the recommended amount of time (to kill bacteria 30 seconds, to kill bacteria and viruses leave 5minutes) wipe and leave to dry. XtraProtect keeps on acting when dry.

Where can this product be predominantly used?

Hands, door handles, light switches and any area which is touched.

Where should you not use this product?

Always do a spot test on other, non-hard surfaces.

Why is this product different from others on the market?

XtraProtect Hand & Touch Point provides long lasting protection against both bacteria and viruses.

Why is this product eco-friendly?

This product is manufactured &bottled in Great Britain using biodegradable, non- toxic ingredients.

What is the packaging made from?

500ml Bottle is 30% Post-Consumer Plastics

What harmful ingredients are used in this product?

As with all liquids, prolonged contact with the skin can cause dry/irritated skin.

What size containers can this product be purchased in?

100ml, 500ml & 5L.