Feel and Experience Cleanliness

vivenso Cleaning System


The vacuum cleaner with water filter and air purifier in one device!

With the innovative vivenso vacuum cleaner with water filter, your home is cleaned faster and more thoroughly than ever before. Finally, you no longer have to deal with annoying dust, animal hair and allergens and you are also protecting the environment. Enjoy the comfort and performance that a vivenso vacuum cleaner and air purifier with water filter offers.

Cleaning with a conventional vacuum cleaner with a bag is unsatisfactory, especially for allergy sufferers. Pet hair is difficult to remove with a regular vacuum cleaner. If you want your home to be free of animal hair and allergens, you should choose a water vacuum cleaner with high suction power.

Buying a vacuum cleaner with a water filter revolutionises the household. Instead of being equipped with a filter bag, the vivenso vacuum cleaner and air purifier has a water filter. Dust and dirt are bound directly in the water and are not released back into the ambient air.

Warranty: 2 years

Brand: vivenso

SKU: V0001

Feel and experience cleanliness

Conventional vacuum cleaners release dust particles, allergens and bad smells into the living space via the exhaust air. Everyone knows that typical bad vacuum cleaner smell! Contact with allergens when changing the vacuum cleaner bag is also a very big problem for many allergy sufferers. That’s why the vivenso vacuum cleaner can successfully alleviate allergy symptoms.

The vivenso vacuum cleaner for allergy sufferers lets you breathe freely!

Very often, people who are allergic to house dust mites also suffer from allergic asthma, which begins with mild symptoms such as a cough or a wheezing sound when you exhale. Of course, allergic asthma can also be much more dramatic. For example, shortness of breath, lips turn blue, there is no air to breathe and the heart races.

Allergic asthma can also represent a life-threatening situation for those affected. The successful fight against house dust mites and their excretions from mattresses etc. is therefore particularly important.

vivenso Cleaning System includes:

• vivenso basic machine in white
• telescopic tube with sleeve
• 3m hose
• parking bracket
• switchable floor tool
• crevice tool
• transparent upholstery tool
• separator key
• XtraFibre microfibre cloth
• 100ml XtraProtect
• XtraAroma fragrance selection
• user manual