Specialist Surface Cleaner

XtraWash Foaming Trigger Spray Bottle (750ml) – Empty


A replacement bottle with trigger head.

Our Xtra Range of solutions offers a cost-effective delivery from concentrate by using our complete replacement 750ml bottle with a trigger head.

Size: 750ml

Brand: XtraWash

SKU: X20174

  • Dilution control for concentrates

  • Easy to use and reuse

  • Non aerosol

  • No propellant

Complete weight: 66g
Material – Bottle : HDPE or 30% PCR
Material – Label: PP
Material – Trigger: HDPE, PP, PE

Which bottle do I need for which solution?

All the Xtra Range of solutions comes with a replacement empty trigger bottle option for each product. This gives you the flexibility to buy concentrates or decant ready to use from 5 Litre for a specific job.

We select the trigger option for you to provide you the best performance of the solution.

Some solutions can be used with both non-foaming and foaming triggers and they are detailed on each product. Replacement triggers can also be purchased separately.

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