The XtraAromaVac is a durable and powerful professional cleaner tub vacuum which circulates fragrance from a HEPA-filtered air stream, that more than compares to the industry leader.

XtraAromaVacIndustry Leader *
Cleans carpets & hard floors
Replaceable bag & filter
Biodegradable replacement dust bags
Built-in aroma dispenser
Dust bag capacity10 litres6 litres
Standard hose length4m2.5m
Overall machine weight7kg7.5kg
Power cord length15m10m

* Compared against Industry Leader with information derived from the manufacturers website, we cannot therefore guarantee it’s accuracy.

Warranty: 12 Months

Brand: XtraAromaVac

SKU: A0301

The easily removable bag and HEPA filter means the interior and even the exterior of the machine can be sanitised in seconds with XtraProtect.

The standard 4m long hose and efficient Eco turbo head carries away large amounts of dirt.

The airflow is also directed around the Xtra Aroma Eco Fragrance Cassette/Holder on the exterior of the machine, having no contact with the dust/dirt encapsulated within the machine, The XtraBreeze fragrance of choice (Acai Berry, Orange, Citrus Burst or Eucalyptus) can be applied to the cassette, emitting a pleasant aroma to any area.

The XtraAromaVac with Turbo Head comes complete with tools, extra HEPA filter, replacement bag and XtraBreeze fragrance system.

Standard equipment of the vacuum cleaner:
– small nozzle
– brush nozzle
– crevice nozzle
– 4m or 2.9m suction hose
– 2 metal tubes
– 2 paper bags
– turbo head

  • 15 meter power cable with a convenient semi-automatic rewinder.

  • Shockproof metal tank

  • Large 10-litre dust bags

  • Easy to replace parts including motor

  • Can be used vertically in operation

  • Electronic Suction Regulator – Dual options

  • Parking gear

  • Xtra Aroma Vac is designed to be used for dry vacuuming of large areas (such as hotels, offices), as well as smaller ones (detached houses, flats).

Overall Machine Weight7kg
Dust Bag Capacity10l
Working Range19m
Suction Hose Length2.8m
Power Cord Length15m
EPA FilterEPA10 / HEPA13
Noise Level67dB
Dimensions42 x 35 x 32cm