vivenso Power Head


The “Power Head” is particularly suitable for the care of heavily used carpets and rugs (e.g. for walkways), as well as for upholstery and mattresses.

Due to the vibration of the motor-driven rotating roller, deep-seated dirt is transported upwards and can be easily vacuumed off. This ensures active deep cleaning. Of course, the vivenso power head can also be used to vacuum hard floors, because the rotating roller works like a broom on hard floors.

The search light allows you to keep a full overview even in dark places. The brush roller rotates at 6500 rpm.

Warranty: 2 years

SKU: V0002

Power Head Kit includes:
• Power electric head
• Height-adjustable stainless steel telescopic tube with integrated power cable
• Flexible suction hose with air regulation and integrated power line
• 9 bright LEDs
• Unlock pedals for left- and right-handers
• Cleaning flap
• Active anti-tipper
• Turn-tilt joint
• Flat design
• Stainless steel telescopic tube
• 2 – coloured conical hose

  • Plug the cable of the electric hose into the provided connection on the front of the vivenso.

  • Use the handle to activate the rotation roller and the LED light. Even in dark places (e.g. under a sofa) you now have sufficient light for an optimal vacuuming result.

Power: 150 watt, 6500 rpm
Voltage: 220-240 V | 50/60 Hz